February 25, 2024

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Sex Education Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

The fourth season of Sex Education will reportedly be the last, and Netflix released a new teaser that hints at how the final year will look like. Season 3 ended with many surprises, from Moordale Secondary School closing its doors to its students to Maeve setting out to the U.S. just when things started to work out between her and Otis. In this context, Season 4 will be the end but will also represent a fresh start for these characters.

Sex Education gained popularity for its free and easy approach to delicate topics such as sexuality and libido, bringing to the table many relevant answers to questions that young audiences never thought they had. The show also counted on a vibrant cast with a natural talent for comedy. However, after the announcement of multiple core cast members either not returning for Sex Education Season 4 or leaving after the new season, speculations about the fourth year being the last turned out to be true with the teaser, which also offers exciting clues about the fate of Otis, Maeve, and more.

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Season 4 Puts Sex Education in a New Setting

Aimee, Maeve, and Otis standing in front of lockers in Sex Education.

After being branded as a “sex school,” Moordale Secondary School lost its funding resources and was sold to developers, leaving all its students adrift. While this means the students will no longer have to hide their sexuality and wear mandatory school uniforms, they will have to adapt to a brand new environment, which is the progressive Cavendish Sixth Form College.

In the teaser, Otis gives an awkward speech for both his Moordale peers and the Cavendish students. Even though his unauthorized sex clinic turned out to be the fall of Moordale Secondary School, Otis and his friends seem ready to give it another shot, this time with a whole new bunch.

Otis and Ruby Are Back

Ruby and Otis sitting on a bed in Sex Education

A crucial moment in the Sex Education Season 4 teaser is a scene featuring Ruby and Otis suggestively staring at each other on Ruby’s bed. The couple was one of the highlights of Season 3, surprisingly showing great onscreen chemistry even though the two characters were polar opposites of each other. However, their short romance came to an abrupt end when Otis was faced with a chance to be with Maeve after so many failed attempts.

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While a relationship between Otis and Maeve was bound to happen, their arc was dragged out for way too long. At the end of the day, Maeve and Isaac’s relationship turned out to be far more moving, while simultaneously, Ruby and Otis brought the best out of each other. With Otis, Ruby felt that she could stop caring only about looks and finally open up about her feelings. On the other hand, Otis found himself much more sociable and confident in the presence of Ruby until he ultimately let her down.

Many fans complained that ending their romance too soon was wasting their potential. Still, with Maeve living abroad and the two moving to a new school together, Otis and Ruby may reconcile. While the teaser does show the two in an intimate moment, both of them look sad or worried about something.

Maeve Is Still Abroad

Sex Education's Maeve and Mr. Molloy in his office in Sex Education Season 4

Speculations about a big time jump were refuted when the first images of Sex Education Season 4 were released: they show Maeve in a different school, next to a new character and an American flag. The fact that she will still be abroad in the new season and might spend the majority of the season away from Otis, Eric, and the others is another sign that her future might be elsewhere; bad news for those who still hope Maeve and Otis will end up together.

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The teaser briefly follows Maeve wandering around her new school in a scene that shows that although culture, fashion, and accent might change from country to country, the sex drive is the same. The teaser leaves room for plenty of theories, but it’s quite possible that Maeve might open her own sex clinic in the U.S.

Adam and Mr. Groff Have a Long Way To Go

Adam looks forlorn while Mr. Groff looks on in Sex Education

The turbulent relationship between Adam and his father, Michael, is one of Sex Education‘s unresolved arcs that should get some attention in the final season. Sex Education Season 3 left Adam in a pretty bad place; just when he finally came to terms with his sexuality, he found himself without friends and without Eric, the boy he loves. While he came out to his mother in a beautiful family moment, the character still has a rough path ahead of him.

Similarly, Mr. Groff is desperately trying to overcome the failure of his life by searching for a job and reconciling with his ex-wife and son. He and Adam might be the loneliest characters in the show, and uniting them in a touching yet awkward father-and-son arc might be a great idea. Fans can expect plenty of hilarious moments from the two as the teaser briefly shows them in a tight spot as they drive together.

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Aimee Is Getting Back on Track

Aimee looking horrified on the bus in Sex Education Season 2

Aimee is easily one of Sex Education‘s best characters, and her arc is one of the most heartwarming of the show. After going through a frustrating relationship with Adam in Season 1 and suffering from a traumatic situation in Season 2, Aimee, who had always been open about sex, struggles to be intimate with her boyfriend. The Season 4 teaser hints at Aimee gradually getting back on track, focusing on figuring herself out first before engaging in a romantic relationship with someone else.

Sex Education Season 4 Hints at New Characters

Thomas (Dan Levy) in front of bookshelves in Sex Education Season 4

With key characters such as Lily and Ola exiting the show, Season 4 will likely bring new engaging character arcs to the table. Jodie Turner-Smith, Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther, Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James, Imani Yahshua, and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy are all names that have joined the Sex Education cast for the final season and can be found in the teaser. The teaser hints at Levy’s character, Thomas, Maeve’s U.S. tutor at her Ivy League college, being a recurring character in Maeve’s arc, given that none of her friends will be around. Additionally, the teaser suggests that characters such as Isaac and Jackson will have even more screen time in the final season.

To see how it all ends, Sex Education Season 4 premieres on Netflix on Sept. 21, 2023.